Posted by: Andrea Mullins | 2 December, 2008

Where do books take you?

A few nights ago, I made a ministry visit to a local topless bar.  The dressing room was smoky and busy as women prepared for their times on stage. In an economy that baffles even the wealthiest and most brilliant minds in our world, it isn’t hard to understand the desperation often heard in the life stories of the dancers. At some point many of these women looked at their small children and decided their only option was to give themselves over to the basest instincts of man.

As a publisher, I often wonder how words can cross the threshold of a dressing room to bring light into a world of darkness. What kind of writing makes sense to women who live in a culture isolated in many ways from you and me? These women who call us “The Church Ladies” have a worldview shaped by nights and days spent pleasing men whose interest has little to do with love or respect and managers willing to use women’s bodies for financial gain. How can our words gain entry into hearts where barriers of self-protection are firmly in place?

During the eight years I’ve been going to this club, I’ve been surprised at the delight women express when we give them a book. Perhaps a book is the safest encounter with the God we represent. While not every book we publish effectively enters into the lives of these women, I believe we can write in ways that build spiritual bridges to the hardest places in our world.

Even so, a book can only go where we are willing to take it. So what have you read, or what have you written, that needs to go next door, down the street, or across the city? If you don’t take it, who will? Whose life will be changed because you went?




  1. Thank you, Andrea, for your commitment to go wherever God calls you–and for taking His message of love and forgiveness in whatever form possible. What a privilege it is to partner with you in “writing the vision…and making it plain”!

  2. “Where do books take you?” usually asks the question along the lines of where did the author take us on our mental journey while reading. Your question and answer put footsteps in it.

  3. I, too, like to write the vision and make it plain. I am about to proclaim that, Lordwilling, in a chapel setting in the next hour or so. Thanks, Andrea, for providing this forum for authors.

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