Posted by: Andrea Mullins | 27 January, 2009

Football Stars and Fans

There is no doubt that football is exciting because of the fans. I want to hear the noise and see the excitement that comes from a stadium of fans willing to sit in subzero temperatures to see their team in the playoffs. I love seeing the crazed fan painted blue and orange, or wearing a Cheesehead.

This football season I became a fan of football stars who risk declaring their gratitude to Christ as they receive awards for outstanding performance. I never grow weary of their absolute commitment to declare their faith in God before television viewers in the millions. I wonder how many people in places all over the world decide to give Christ a try because their hero declared his love for our Savior.

Just recently my sister made a commitment of an evening to view a program on the History Channel because of her love for a friend. Isn’t this what moves us to try something we wouldn’t naturally do on our own? Because I love my sister, I watched the same program, so we could discuss it and share in a common experience.

Last week the hero of many became our 44th President. Barrack Obama is the role model that many young people are desperately looking for as they continue to struggle against the tide of the past. Whatever our personal political commitment, we cannot deny the story of slavery and poverty that marks the experience of the Africans who were brought to our country against their will, not to discover the freedom of America, but to live in bondage to the wealthy. To this day, political and social pockets of prejudice suppress the desires of many to take hold of the same opportunities as their neighbors.

I am a fan of hope. I am a fan of freedom. I am a fan of role models that offer possibilities for better thinking, better living, and better serving. My commitment is to pray for this President, knowing that God’s purposes for our nation and our world are indeed sovereign. And in Him alone will people find true hope and true freedom. May we think with the mind of Christ. May we live the abundant life. May we serve sacrificially.


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