Posted by: Andrea Mullins | 5 March, 2010

Team WMU

What does a mission team to the Vancouver Winter Olympics look like?

They are all ages, as young as 4 and up toward 80. They are all ages and come from all over the world. My team came from across the USA, including Texas, Missouri, California, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Alabama. They came with many gifts and abilities, but foremost, they came to share their love of Jesus in as many ways as they possibly could.

What does a mission team do at the Olympics?

Every country and city is unique, and our foremost goal is to partner with the churches to fit into their culture with the hope we have come to share. In Vancouver our goal was hospitability in the name of Christ. You could find our volunteers along side Canadian Christians and other Christians from other countries helping serve hot chocolate to hundreds of people who came to see the Olympic sports and cultural venues. Our volunteers could be found on trains and buses, engaging in conversation that often led to a verbal witness to Christ. Our volunteers were found trading pins—Olympic pins, city pins, company pins—every kind of pin—for the opportunity to learn more about the person and to perhaps give them a pin that said, “More than Gold.”

The More than Gold pin is designed to share the plan of salvation through the various colors of the pin. When there was time, we also had More than Gold pocket guides, New Testaments, the Book of Mark, testimonies from Christian athletes, to give to those who had an interest. Since our team had over one thousand pins, I can tell you that at least that many conversations about Christ were had in Vancouver through our team. And that is not counting all the other conversations that took place where we didn’t have time for pins or materials.

That brings me to hot chocolate. While Vancouver may have been warmer than usual, it was still cool, and the nights were definitely hot cocoa nights. People attended sports events and then had to walk to their cars or the buses and trains. They stood in lines that were blocks long and there along the way, they were offered hot chocolate. “Would you like a FREE cup of hot cocoa with whipping cream?” I saw streets where everyone had a cup of cocoa in their hands! “Why are we doing this? Because we are here to welcome you to the Olympics, and remind you that there is something worth more than gold—God loves you, has a plan for your life, and sent His Son Jesus so you could know His love.”

But this isn’t all we did. We had clowns on our team, who through their face painting and balloon art, pointed people toward Jesus and His love. What a hit they were! Where ever the clowns were painting, there was a crowd listening in.

But this isn’t all. We also helped host a cultural event. The More than Gold organization sponsored a play called “Hockey Dad.” We served by handling the snack shop, taking tickets, ushering, welcoming those who came. It was a lot of fun, and the one warm responsibility we had.

In between these jobs, we went to events, rode the trains and buses, met and talked with people wherever we were.

Where did we stay?

We slept in Towers Baptist Church on air mattresses and had a wonderful disaster relief team taking care of us and other volunteers at our church. While we shared showers and class rooms, we truly enjoyed getting to know one another.

This is my first report of a great team who showed up to be Christ in Vancouver. Pray that God will use our efforts as the churches continue to reap from the ministry we did.



  1. 3/7/10 – Andrea, I have saved your publisher’s blog address to my computer favorites. I enjoyed reading about your initial “post-Olympic” comments about how each of your team shared Christ with many individuals from around the world. I will be following your blog about the great experiences & opportunites while in Vancouver!

  2. God Bless You and the Team that evangelized the lost at the 2010 Winter Olympics.What a God-given
    opportunity to share Christ with people from all over the world.The Bible speaks of a Crown of Rejoicing for those who win souls for Christ.
    Keep running the Christian race until you reach the Finish Line.

  3. Loved seeing the photos and reading the experiences. Lorraine Powers took our Mission Friends “Molly” and I was very excited to see Molly in a couple of the photos. Mission Friends will be so excited, too! Last fall Molly went to Santos, Brazil with our church mission team – she is really getting around!

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