Posted by: Andrea Mullins | 18 March, 2010

Scarves and Mittens Show God’s Love in Vancouver

Ron and Susan Bartholomew, with their two adorable daughters, six year old Emma and four year old Mary Alice, traveled to Vancouver with their suitcases full of handmade scarves and mittens to join Team WMU. The scarves and mittens had been made by women from their church, Pleasant View Baptist in Foley, Alabama. Ms.Ellie Montgomery, Rosalie Stewart, and a friend had made the scarves for the Bartholomews using yarn that Susan had provided. Susan knew they had the skill of knitting and crocheting and asked if they would consider making the scarves for use in Vancouver. When Susan received the finished products, she was overwhelmed by their beauty and their warmth.  Once they arrived in Vancouver, the Bartholomews and others on Team WMU would wrap the scarves around their necks, and as they went about their various assignments in Vancouver, they gave them to the homeless and others in need.

Susan said, “It was such a blessing to be abe to take them to Canada with us to pass out to those in need. The scarves and mittens were made with many colors but were incredibly warm. I along with several other ladies would wrap the scarves around our necks. We discovered they were very warm! We could feel the difference when we peeled them off to give to those in real need. I remember one particular man I found as I was walking the streets of Vancouver with Emma. He approached me asking for a cup of hot chocolate that we were serving to the people. It was raining and sleeting that evening and all he had on was a couple of shirts. No coat or hat or gloves. It was very cold and he was shaking.You could tell he was living on the streets and was looking for a bit of help or maybe just some kindness.  I asked if he would like a scarf and he said no, that he knew where to buy them. I told him it was a gift. Emma then added that the scarf was made just for him. He looked at Emma with a confused look and said, “Just for me?” She said it was made with lots of love by a lady who loves Jesus, and did you know that Jesus loves you too? The biggest smile came over his face and he wrapped the scarf around his neck. His eyes closed as if he were soaking up all of the warmth. We also gave him a pair of mittens and his hot chocolate and he was on his way.”

Susan and her family, like the rest of Team WMU, found many people in need. The additional gift of scarves and mittens allowed the Bartholomews to offer Christ’s love in one more very tangible expression of care. Susan had taken the time to allow others in her church to share their gifts in Vancouver, and because of that she and her family engaged many in conversations about God’s love, offering prayer, New Testaments, the plan of salvation, More Than Gold Pins, and sometimes just hugs. And some of the people they met accepted Christ, receiving the gift that is worth more than gold. .

People who have experienced God’s love, and in response have fallen in love with Jesus, find ways to express His love to others.

Warm your heart to Christ’s love by reading Embraced by the Father, Finding Grace in the Names of God by Susanne Scheppmann.



  1. So glad to see this beautiful act of kindness by sweet WMU ladies! We have a KNIT UNTO OTHERS ministry in our town and ladies from three churches are knitting and crocheting scarves, hats, socks, and mittens all year round for distribution at our area-wide homeless ministries! Our Acteens go several times a year to pass out these items to homeless folks! What a blessing!

  2. What a wonderful story. It’s amazing to see when someone’s work really matters like that. We forget how the smallest of gifts is sometimes the largest.

  3. Andrea, I loved all your pictures from Vancouver and reading about your teams work there. It brought back lots of good memories from Atlanta and Salt Lake City. Wish I could go to London.

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