Posted by: Andrea Mullins | 2 April, 2010

Good Friday Morning

God's Truth Revealed by Kathy Howard

Dear One,

On this Good Friday morning, I want to answer your question. You asked about Jesus as the only way to God. When I look at others who claim to know the way to God, I find significant differences between them and Jesus. To begin with, Jesus alone is described as living a sinless life. Also, Jesus died and was resurrected in three days, just as He said, with thousands of witnesses. The “heros” or holy men of other faiths died and are still dead, or they were reincarnated (but there are no witnesses to this). Jesus lived what he taught, but others taught one thing and didn’t live up to what they taught.

From the time we are born, God is seeking us to let us know He loves us. To make it easier for us to understand God’s love for us, He sent Jesus–so we can see God’s love in Jesus as He lived on earth in human form. Jesus shows us what God’s love looks like—forgiveness, mercy, compassion, justice, rightness, goodness, gentleness, joy, peace—these are some of the wonderful things we learn about God when we look at how Jesus lived. No other person on earth shows us these things in the way that Jesus does.

Since Jesus lived a perfect life, I find it hard to believe that He would lie about Himself as the only way, if He were not. No other person claims to have been sent from God to show His love to the world. And in examining other lives, I can’t see that they exemplified a holy love that comes close to what we know of Jesus. If I am going to trust in someone to show me a holy God, I’ve decided that I must look for someone whose life reflects who God is, and Jesus alone has done this.

You wondered about the way other Christians behave. I wonder myself at our failure to live in a way that look like God. I’ve been disappointed, too. More than anything, I’ve been disappointed in myself for not living as I know God wants me to live. Sometimes it is hard to see past the behavior of Christians to see who God really is.

But this is what makes God’s plan so wonderful! He already knows how we have messed up our lives without Him, and He loves us anyway. The very fact that the Christians you know are less than perfect shows how much they need God. If the Christians you know are close to God, I assure you they grieve at their failure to live before you like they should.

There are a lot of people in the world who do good things. What many of them don’t understand is that all good things come from God. He works through both those who trust Him and those who don’t to accomplish His purposes in the world. But for those who trust in Christ, we have the opportunity to use our abilities, intelligence, education, experiences and skills to not only do good, but to bring hope and peace and joy that lasts not just for this generation but for generations to come and throughout eternity.

I remember a bus ride with a fellow searcher some years ago. When I asked her if she knew what would happen in her life when she died, she wasn’t sure. She told me it depended on what other people did to allow her to go to heaven. I explained to her that in Jesus I didn’t have to rely on others to get to heaven. Because of Jesus, I know my life is secure while I live on earth, and when I leave this earth to live eternally in heaven with God.

On this Good Friday morning, I pray you will trust Christ with your life. Whatever plans you have for yourself, they cannot compare with God’s plan for you. After all, His knowledge of you is unlimited. He loves you more than you love yourself. He knows you better than you know yourself. When Jesus said, God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son so that anyone who believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life,” (TLB) His only desire was to let you know that God loves you and has sent His Son, Jesus, for you. I encourage you to read the book of Mark or the book of John in the Bible to learn for yourself who Jesus is and how much God loves you. Do you know of any other who shows us God’s love as Jesus does?

On Sunday I will celebrate the reality that Jesus lives today in my heart. I know God’s love and leading and if I had these many years to live again, I would choose to live even more closely to Jesus. While I have often disappointed Him, He has never disappointed me.


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