Posted by: Andrea Mullins | 6 April, 2010

Flying the Flag of Apartheid

Just recently the decision was made that the South African apartheid-era flag will be banned at Cape Town’s stadium during the World Cup. The flag is a reminder of the racial oppression of apartheid. While it is still sometimes seen at sporting events, it was replaced with a multi-colored national flag at the beginning of the democratic era in 1994.

Many of us remember the fall of apartheid. We celebrated the new freedoms and hopes of a persecuted people. We rejoiced to see doors of opportunity open for those whose lives had been marked by suffering. Even so, we know that not everyone has let go of the prejudices of the past. Just as the flag of apartheid continues to fly in many places, so hatred of those who are different from us thrives in every city and nation.

When I recently stopped to offer a ride to a young Hispanic family, I saw fear and doubt in their faces. It took my brightest smile and most gracious words to bridge the chasm between us. I thought of Chioma, the heroine in No Greater Love, and imagined her face when threatened by those seeking to rape and kill her.

So how do we turn the tide of prejudice and hatred? It begins with our common story. Your story and my story intersect in more ways than we can imagine as we sit next to one another and begin to hear that we have shared a journey, and we both have been wounded in different ways to different extents. But we tell our stories and discover we are both human, both needing to forgive, both needing to ask for forgiveness. What is your story? Let us laugh and cry together as we discover the hope we can bring to one another.

Enjoy No Greater Love. Allow the story of a young couple’s love remind you of what is most important in life and see what God might have for you.

And please take time to leave a little of your story.



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