Posted by: Andrea Mullins | 8 April, 2010

Tips for Quality Bible Teaching

Steve Green, president of Hobby Lobby, rightly described The Bible as “the most loved and the most hated book probably that’s ever been written.” I personally weigh in on the “love the Bible” side of the argument. As a publisher, I enjoy reading books that encourage me in my devotion to God, but nothing can satisfy my spiritual hunger as does Scripture.

New Hope Publishers is known for theologically sound Bible study authors and books. Our authors are students of Scripture and test their content with study groups in their churches.

Bible study can be transforming. I asked two of our authors who are dynamic teachers, speakers, and authors, to share their suggestions.

Kathy Howard is author of Before His Throne and God’s Truth Revealed. She addresses the teacher’s role.

Keep your relationship with God your first priority. – A leader’s own relationship with God will determine the quality of her leadership. Biblical insight, godly wisdom, and passion for God and His Word are all by-products of a dynamic relationship with Christ.

Seek Accountability – It’s important that leaders have someone to hold them accountable for their spiritual growth. Ask God to guide you into an accountability group or to an accountability partner to help keep you on track.

Be transparent! – Share from your own life and spiritual journey with your group. Be authentic. Share your struggles and successes. Best of all, your transparency will encourage them to open up.

Kimberly Sowell is the author of six books, the two most recent Bible studies are in the New Hope Bible Studies for Women series, Chosen and Cherished and Women of the Covenant. Kimberly speaks to the presentation of content.

There’s always more than one way to phrase a statement. As you challenge your women through Bible study, replace any “you should” phrasing with the more encouraging message of “you can.”

The main focus of every Bible study must be God. No matter the topic, no matter the passage, women need to learn something about the Lord. Transformation happens when we as people made in the image of God become more intimately acquainted with our Creator. As we better understand who He is, we’ll gain clarity about who we are.

What suggestions do you have? Leave your comment and we’ll enter your name in a drawing to receive five of Kathy and Kimberly’s most recent studies FREE for the women in your church. Let’s help each other become better teachers and students of God’s Word.



  1. Great tips. Each one is such a key. Thanks for the reminder. I have also seen it to be a need to help women move the information from thier head through thier heart and put it into action. This does not come naturally for most people and takes effort to help them walk through the process in a self-discovery way.

  2. I don’t bring anything new…Just that it is so important to keep God at the center. It is the gospel that changes and transforms things–of course as the Holy Spirit moves.

    I guess also living a gospel shaped life is probably one of the most important things too.
    Much love,

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