Posted by: Andrea Mullins | 16 April, 2010

The Journey to Alaska

Just a short walk from my hotel in Anchorage is Cook Inlet. The inlet was first explored and settled by Dena’ina natives. In the 18th century, Russian fur hunters were among the first European visitors.  These trappers used the Aleuts and Koniag natives to hunt for sea otters and other wildlife. Few white people visited Cook Inlet until the Alaska Railroad was constructed along the eastern shores of the inlet about 1915.

So I am here now, near the northern seas, enjoying the long days of sunlight and snow, the majestic mountain view from my window, sourdough bread, and the freshest of fish. No wonder Alaska is still a place of romance and wonder.

Yet, the adventure I came to see began tonight when I stood at the front of a church and prayed with a young woman for her family in need of Christ. The adventure was hearing a missionary tell the story of how her Alaskan church family strengthened her to leave her home in Alaska to follow Christ to the Ukraine.

You might want to join us tomorrow in Anchorage as we explore together what it means to let our light shine. If not, pray for us. Pray for a husband who needs Christ. Pray for a single young missionary whose commitment to Christ is greater than her own desires. Pray that the Light of the World will shine brightly in Alaska.


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