Posted by: Andrea Mullins | 19 May, 2010

You Have a Worldview—Do You Know What It Is?

A brief conversation  reveals our worldview. We may view a crime as a social issue, a political issue, an economic issue, or a moral issue. We may take responsibility for the world we live in or blame the system. We may see our work as just a job or a place to make a difference. We may be givers or getters. We may live for self only or for a higher purpose.

Use of a single word is revealing. For instance, is there such as thing as a secular job for a Christian? Are there any absolutes in life? Is our faith a private matter? Is Jesus the only way to God? Is Christianity about service or authority? What does family mean? How does a Christian live out being a citizen? How should I feel about foreigners?You could continue this list with dozens of questions that reveal something about your view of life.

Certainly God shapes our worldview as we open our minds to let Him sort through the traditions and habits, the culture and context, to see what He is really about. Gaining a more biblical worldview is simple in that God’s view is the right view, and the more intimately we are involved with Him, the more clearly we will see His view. On the other hand, it is complex, because our culture and experience often interfere with our ability to see God’s view clearly. This is why we must continually test our worldview against Scripture, allowing the Holy Spirit to illumine our understanding and break through our assumptions.

Every Christian can challenge their own attitudes, beliefs, assumptions, and values with four simple questions.
1. Where did it come from? Was it inherited? Did someone teach me this? Is it based on someone else’s opinion or is it verified truth?
2. What is the consequence? If I continue in this manner, what will be the result for myself and for others?
3. Is it consistent with my overall worldview? Would I feel good about sharing this with other Christ followers, or do I feel embarrassed about it?
4. How do I feel when I act on it? Does it draw me closer to God or move me further from Him? Does it add value to life and affirm the value of others?
If Jay Leno stops you on the street and asks for your worldview, what will you tell him? Can you explain it in a few sentences? I’d love to hear it! I recommend Kathy Howard’s newest Bible study, God’s Truth Revealed, for believers desiring a biblical worldview.



  1. Thanks for posting. Always enjoy reading your views. Refreshing and uplifting, informative, purposeful, compassionate. Thanks for pointing to what’s potent amidst life clutter.

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