Posted by: Andrea Mullins | 27 May, 2010

So You Consider Yourself a Good Follower?

We who are leaders like to believe we are also good followers. Loyal, trustworthy, dependable and just the kind of follower every leader hopes to find behind her. Yet, it seems that good followers are a rare commodity. And perhaps that is why we have so few good leaders, for any good leader must also be a good follower.

A few years ago I came across a short checklist for exemplary followers by Robert E. Kelley that led me to reevaluate my followship. See what you think.
Exemplary followers know how to lead themselves well. They can be trusted with their responsibilities.
Exemplary followers have focus, commitment, and incentives beyond personal gain. Their high enthusiasm is infectious to the organization.
Exemplary followers build competence and credibility to have maximum influence in the workplace. They have higher competency standards for themselves than those of the general work environment.
Exemplary followers exercise an honest courageous conscience when carrying out assignments and implementing policies. The ethics of their actions are important to them.
Exemplary followers control their own ego to work cooperatively with other leaders. They do their homework and argue persuasively without being threatening or self-righteous.

As we think of following Jesus into the hard places of life, and becoming exemplary followers, we must ask ourselves:
• Can He trust me enough to delegate His mission into my hands?
• Is my passion for His mission infectious to those around me?
• Am I transformed enough to accomplish my part of His mission?
• Does His mission so engage my life that I can be completely transparent before others?
• Is my only desire that His mission be accomplished?


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