Posted by: Andrea Mullins | 4 June, 2010

I have a Grad!

The program said, “Please recognize our accomplishments through applause–not noise-makers, shouting, or other conduct unbecoming to such dignity.” But what parent, grandparent, great-grandparent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, or friend, could resist cheering and calling out the name of their grad? With every recognition of honor, with the calling of every name, the graduates listened to hear who was there for them.

This past week I watched our grandson walk with cap and gown, stand for multiple honors, and receive his high school diploma. Many have invested in his life, and care that he is successful in both character and acheivement. His band director, Latin instructor, principal, and many other adults commented on the fine qualities they have seen in his life.

But now, he steps out into the world as an adult. He already knows the young men with whom he’ll be sharing a dorm room after just a few short summer weeks. He’ll be moving several hours away from home where he’ll be responsible for his life.

The life choices of teens and young adults are at the heart of New Hope Publishers commitment to provide books for our youth. We appreciate authors who show a commitment to teens and the situations they face in life. When our author Dan Darling came our way a few years ago, we saw in his heart and message the opportunity to strenthen the faith of a teen. In conversations with my grandchildren who are teenagers, the issue of faith has been critical to the choices they have made. In fact, my grandson’s quote on Facebook is “there’s something deep inside that keeps my faith alive.” Dan’s books have already encouraged the faith of hundreds of teens. As I see the importance of faith in the lives of my grandchildren I am even more grateful for authors like Dan.

So I am celebrating my grandson, his faith, the people who have strengthened his faith, the authors at New Hope committed to developing a teen’s faith, and to New Hope’s vision that faith-filled teens become faith-ful adults.

Do you have a grad you are celebrating? I’d love to hear their stories.

We will send one of Dan Darling’s teen devotionals to the first five readers who leave us a story about their teen or their graduate. Check out these faith strenthening devotionals by Dan Darling.



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