Posted by: Andrea Mullins | 23 June, 2010

Fair Trade at the ICRS

WorldCrafts will be at the ICRS! The beautiful handmade crafts of WorldCrafts represent artisans from around the work who live in poverty but are seeking a better life. Many of these artisans are being freed from exploitation because they have a income provided through the sale of the crafts they make.

Mary was raised in an orphanage in India. When the time came for her to leave the orphanage, a man approached her and offered to marry her, which is not uncommon. After signing some paperwork that she thought legalized their marriage, her new “husband” took her to a brothel and left her. She eventually escaped and then tried to commit suicide multiple times. In her final attempt she ate glass and lay down in the street to die. And that’s when her life began to change. A worker from Rahab’s Rope Women’s Center found her and brought her to the shelter. There she received safe, loving care and spiritual, educational, and vocational training. Now in her late 20s, Mary enjoys a new life making handcrafted gifts in the nurturing environment of Rahab’s Rope.

WorldCrafts and our partners are building fair trade companies that provide sustainable income and eternal hope to impoverished artisans around the world. Artisans are assured a fair wage, acceptable working conditions, and an opportunity to bring their products to market.

We are pleased to introduce WorldCrafts to retailers for the first time at the ICRS.  This is an opportunity to purchase gifts that are transforming lives, families, communities, and whole societies.

Turquoise Drop Jewelry SetNeesha ToteKi'che Christmas Ball


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