Posted by: Andrea Mullins | 27 June, 2010

The Perk of All Perks by Randy Bishop

A former international student minister, editor at CTI, and missionary to China, Randy Bishop is now an editor for New Hope Publishers. He brings joy and passion to our team. He is thoughtful and inquisitive, a lover of Christ, and an exceptionally delightful human being in every way. I have asked Randy to introduce himself to you. I think you’ll discover he is a person you want to know.

Randy Bishop and the BearI’m an editor, which means my job has a lot of perks. I’ll save the others—they mostly revolve around fascinating authors and co-workers and good food—for another blog post, so I can concentrate on the big one. The perk of all perks. I get to read pretty much all day every day and get paid for it. For a bibliophile this is heavenly. I mean I spent my tweens and teens in a bean bag chair in a corner of my room either covered in the ink of USA Today or engrossed for hours on end in Dostoevsky. (I’ll pause while some readers recover from mental whiplash here).

In a previous job, perk numero uno—that is reading all the time—meant I could at least skim the daily paper to begin my work day. After all, when you’re a Christian magazine editor who knows what interesting connections can be found in the sports page or the comics page or the politics page. I mean maybe the guy who hit a home run last night is a sold-out Christ follower? I think somebody might want to know that and read about it. Or B. C., the comic strip, that guy’s a believer (cartoonist Johnny Hart). Well, the politics reference—it’s harder to tell who’s a Christian and even fewer people care, but still…

Now at New Hope I get to read books, great books. Interesting books. Encouraging books. Challenging books. Books that I would be interested in even if I weren’t paid.  And I’m often the first one to read these books, which is even cooler. I love the diversity of our list—I’ve worked on books about the persecuted church in China (Red Ink, coming in October 2010); about family worship (Setting Up Stones); about doing business for God’s sake (The Missional Entrepreneur); about sharing Christ with internationals (Faces in the Crowd); about prayer (Live a Praying Life); and about great women of the Bible (Women of the Covenant). And the authors have given me grace to shape their work, and I hope make it more accessible to the reader. What a responsibility and a privilege!

If that weren’t enough, there’s one more thing: my favorite author, the One whose work—those glistening treasures of verses that illuminate any surrounding text—appears in all our books. The perfect Author/Editor whose hand guides all our authors and editors. Yes, I get to wrestle with the Word hours a day, to think about it, and be changed by it. Amazing— I sit in front of my computer most every weekday and the Holy Spirit is transforming me by His Word and through the words of others.  And this is how I support my wife and kids. Wow!

Makes you want to change careers doesn’t it? Well, while I’m not giving up my job any time soon, dear reader, I do hope you’ll pick up one of our books and settle in for some one-on-one time with the Holy Spirit.

                “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path” (Psalm 119:105).


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