Posted by: Andrea Mullins | 28 June, 2010

A Perspective about Content by Joyce Dinkins

 I caught Joyce smiling from the backseat of the van we road to the ICRS. Joyce Dinkins is managing editor for New Hope Publishers. She is gracious and godly, loving and caring. She cares about people and about every detail of our publishing business. She has marketing and editing experience in newspapers, magazines, non-fiction and fiction, having worked for some of the most well know newspapers in our nation, as well as nearly every Christian publisher. But my delight is in her spontaneous praise of God through word and song. Her perspective on content is like a song of praise to God. Enjoy and be refreshed!

We’ve seen the dangerous, provocative, spontaneous, avant garde, historical, and monumental on our road trip:

  • We escaped a high-speed crash! (Swerving, our quick-thinking marketing director—and racecar sports fan—avoided a high-speed collision with a van, right outside St. Louis.) Kudos to Jonathan Howe. Thank You, Lord!
  • We spied a new city garden lush with lettuce, etc. growing right outside our hotel door—as did one plump bunny on its way to dine city style, as we headed out to do the same.
  • We connected with JMS Sales’ Jim Walthour, Nancy Harris, and Kathy Fiorini—a formidable triad. (They sighted us dining at a sidewalk cafe along the cobblestone riverfront, near the Wax Museum. Editor Randy Bishop, Publicity Specialist Ashley Stephens, Publisher Andrea Mullins, Jonathan, and I
  • We tweeted New Hope author Daniel Darling, skipped dessert, and caught up with him, his wife, and children, inside the Westward Expansion Museum.
  • We explored the museum bookstore, the displays, and discussed how differing cultures clash; the need for justice and for reconciliation dialogue, as well as God’s sure judgment of each soul.
  • We twisted to snap shots of the arch monument’s dizzying, dazzling angles.

I sense this word as a chord in these experiences: perspective.

  • The other driver’s perspective was off—a fraction of speed, distance, and control—and God showed us how to compensate.
  • Our industry relationships—that extend our mission—deserve attention and care, in order for us to see growth.
  • Noticing, valuing, and connecting to our authors’ lives and what they care about is an aspect of our service to God, the body of Christ, and His redemptive plan.
  • There is beauty in diverse cultures, worthy of our investigation and consideration, yet only one way to God, open to all individuals as we share the Good News.

Publishing’s seemingly disconnected moments, too, yield perspective:

  • New Hope Publishers can compete without collision; we keep our focus while remaining aware of others’.
  • Shifting content formats and media that best deliver His content to consumer appetites are at our doorstep, and we and our readers are preparing to access them.
  • Relationships, relationships, and relationships deserve our time.
  • Acquiring dynamic authors means listening to God, caring about individuals’ lives, families, messages, and ministries. Authors deserve our understanding, encouragement, and attentiveness.
  • The diverse experiences of the New Hope team cross culture, age, gender, spiritual gifts, and personal and professional experience.
  • Our efforts, content, and we reflect our mission: to help Christian believers understand and be radically involved in the mission of God. Our nonfiction and fiction books’ messages are overarching and monumental because of Him.

Joyce Dinkins, New Hope Publishers Managing Editor



  1. I’m thankful for Jonathan!!

  2. I am so glad too!!!!!

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