Posted by: Andrea Mullins | 5 July, 2010

Persistence and Patience

If you are a left handed golfer, you may also be a Phil Mikelson fan. I was hoping he would be driving balls beside me this morning so I could watch his swing and maybe ask for a couple of tips. Instead, to my right and to my left were a variety of golfers, all better than me, but not left handed and showing the masterful style of Mikelson.

In a recent interview Mikelson said, “When I take two weeks off, the first week I usually don’t touch a club, which was the case this past time off. But for the last five, six days I’ve been practicing pretty hard. I feel like my game is starting to come around. I see the improvement each day.” Persistence in practice and patience to keep at it over the years have certainly contributed to the success of this great left handed golfer.

Some of the hardest work for any person or company or ministry is persistence to overcome the obstacles and patience to accomplish the desired results. For New Hope Publishers our desire to see the gospel available to all people in the world fuels our persistence. We believe God uses the writing of his people to speak His love into their lives.  At the same time, I find that patience in the details is just as important to our success.

Whatever challenges await you this week, consider patiently persisting toward your vision.



  1. Good word, Andrea! I needed that today. And, if you are ever in my part of the world, I live on the 9th hole of a very nice golf course! FUN TIMES! Blessings!

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