Posted by: Andrea Mullins | 16 July, 2010

Set Someone Free!

Set1Free Video
You would be surprised at how easy it is to set someone free from exploitation. WorldCrafts provides an opportunity for you and me to provide dignity, hope, and freedom to women and children around the world who face being sold, being used, being abused, or being trafficked and exploited for someone else’s needs. The Set1Free video helps tell the story of hope for freedom that WorldCrafts is committed to giving.

When we choose to invest our dollars in Fair Trade products we have assurance that those who are making the items are given an opportunity to participate in the global economy of commerce. We insure that those who are making the products are given fair wages, have decent working conditions, and a sustainable income to build for the future.

Women on every continent are in situations that restrict them from having many of the opportunities available to most of us. Join WorldCrafts in our Set1Free commitment.

Kazakh Egg Project

A group of ten women in a village south of Almaty, the former capital of Kazakhstan, have started a company called Ymit, which means “hope.” One of the ladies is Russian. She buys the well-known wooden eggs from St. Petersburg and then she and others hand-paint them with traditional colors and designs. Through this project, our contact hopes to help the women develop their small business so that they can support their families and their fellowship. Help your sisters in the former Soviet Union by purchasing one of these collectibles today!

See more stories and the beautiful handmade crafts that represent hope from around the world at


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