Posted by: Andrea Mullins | 24 July, 2010



Fellow Golfers

I was late getting to the driving range and along with fellow golfers found the heat had already settled in. Even so, none of us let the 100 degree heat index stop us from practicing our long game.

If you can see the little white flag out past the golf ball retriever in the photo below, that is where we were all aiming to land our little white balls. I always feel encouraged because there are balls literally everywhere between the golfers and the flag, which means there are lots of golfers hitting lots of balls that go lots of places!

The little white flag is out there somewhere.

My friend had said, “Keep your arm straight, ” so I had one more thing to focus on today. Along with the other aspects of my swing, I worked on keeping my arm straight. No doubt it helped me see my ball fly on out there closer to where I wanted it to land.

I had to focus. There are too many tasks involved in a good swing to let your mind wander. A good golf swing requires learning to multi-task. How you stand, how you balance your weight, what you do with your knees and torso, what you do with your arms and how you grip your club are just in the preparation of the swing. Once the swing begins, the backswing requires keeping your front arm straight and rotating your shoulders and hips correctly. From here you go into the downswing shifting your weight, giving attention to your wrist movement, and rotating your body on an axis. Last, you swing through the ball keeping the club moving toward the target.  Focus results in all of these tasks happening when and how each should take place.

Focus isn’t having one or a few tasks to do. Rather it is understanding when and how each task takes place, and then working in such a way that everything we need to do is effective. Today’s ministry is nearly always multi-tasked. Few of us have the luxury of one or even a few assignments. We are charged with more assignments and less time. Just a golfers are willing to spend hours on the course learning to focus the many tasks involved in a swing, our success will depend on commitment to bring focus to our multi-tasked ministries.



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