About New Hope

New Hope has been on a journey this past year, embracing our commitment to women while exploring our passion for God’s mission. Our journey has led us to understand that God’s blessings are not an end in themselves, but are to be passed on to others through service and testimony.

During our journey, we became aware of a new word that is beginning to catch on among believers across America: the word is missional. This word describes a zeal for living out Christ’s love in our homes, our communities, and our world. Missional is an adjective that describes a way of thinking, acting, and living that frames our response to the people and needs we see around us. With this is mind, New Hope has cemented our resolve that our books will be missional-equipping, encouraging, and challenging our readers in areas that are relevant to current issues of Christian living and serving.

New Hope Publishers has always offered significant books in a variety of areas. We have been established as a trusted publisher for women and family products, as well as a leader in Bible studies. What may not have been as noticeable in our product listing is our missional focus. Therefore, we are introducing our three product lines to help our customers identify the books that meet their needs.

  • Arise :: Addressing specific topics of contemporary need and interest for women and families
  • Grow :: Focusing on providing church leaders and believers with the very best Bible studies and teaching resources
  • Impact :: Connecting believers with social issues, Christian living topics, church growth and leadership concerns, and matters of interest to the missiological community

New Hope is enthusiastic about partnering with you to minister to and engage believers in a missional life. It is our prayer that every reader will discover that Christians hold in their hearts a love that can transform lives for all eternity. We believe that as you review the products on this Web site, you will see the significance and relevance of the messages and ministries of our authors. Scripture tells us that the mystery has been made known. It is “Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Colossians 1:27 HCSB). No better definition exists for the missional life.

Andrea Mullins
New Hope Publishers



  1. I am looking forward to Arise, Grow and Impact.

  2. I am trying to get in contact with Nancy at JMS sales. There phone number is no longer working. Any further info you may have?

  3. Who are you? I’ll be glad to connect you once I know who you are. Thank you. Andrea

  4. I’m a Christian non-fiction writer in Amarillo, Texas, and would like to submit a 70-page manuscript titled, “Let’s Visit, Lord – Seeking Answers, Finding Love” – Please send your submission requirements. Thank you.

  5. I am a writer. I would like to know your submissions information.

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