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Publicity And A Well Organized Closet By Ashley Stephens

During Ashley’s job  interview I asked her to place her personal organization on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being OCD. She said she is a “12” and then told me about her closet and her sock drawer. That was when I knew that she not only had the background and skills for the job, but the ability to keep up with the many tasks her position requires.
Ashley Stephens has been with New Hope for a year and a half. She has proven to have an excellent work ethic, exceptional wisdom for her years, and shares my love for pink. Watching her grow in her new marriage, and in her responsiblities at her church make me smile with delight. Please meet Ashley!
I pride myself on being extremely organized. Anyone who is in my position at New Hope Publishers has to be a natural at organization.  See exhibit A., the picture below of my beautiful closet. Isn’t it lovely?! Doesn’t it make you happy to look at?! 

My job is officially 50% New Hope Publishers publicist and 50% WorldCrafts marketer. It is a great deal of work to balance both positions and time management is crucial. I know my overly obsessive organization skills are what helps me in my job. Balancing interview bookings, galley sendings, author questions and needs, endorsement gatherings, and book mailings is all a challenge*.

 I am truly blessed to be at New Hope Publishers! No two days are the same, no two authors are the same which makes for fun and interesting days.

 *If you know of anyone who would like an internship in publishing for class credit in the Birmingham area, please let us know.

Posted by: Andrea Mullins | 5 July, 2010

Persistence and Patience

If you are a left handed golfer, you may also be a Phil Mikelson fan. I was hoping he would be driving balls beside me this morning so I could watch his swing and maybe ask for a couple of tips. Instead, to my right and to my left were a variety of golfers, all better than me, but not left handed and showing the masterful style of Mikelson.

In a recent interview Mikelson said, “When I take two weeks off, the first week I usually don’t touch a club, which was the case this past time off. But for the last five, six days I’ve been practicing pretty hard. I feel like my game is starting to come around. I see the improvement each day.” Persistence in practice and patience to keep at it over the years have certainly contributed to the success of this great left handed golfer.

Some of the hardest work for any person or company or ministry is persistence to overcome the obstacles and patience to accomplish the desired results. For New Hope Publishers our desire to see the gospel available to all people in the world fuels our persistence. We believe God uses the writing of his people to speak His love into their lives.  At the same time, I find that patience in the details is just as important to our success.

Whatever challenges await you this week, consider patiently persisting toward your vision.

Posted by: Andrea Mullins | 3 July, 2010



After a week away from home and long days spent inside the St. Louis Convention Center,  I was hoping to enjoy some time outside.  Today was a beautiful southern summer day in Birmingham.  The morning was sunny and warm, but a light breeze took the bite out of the heat.

Did you know that Birmingham is home to two of the Robert Trent Jones golf courses? I took my Golden Bears to Oak Mountain State Park (not one of the Robert Trent Jones courses) where I continued to work on my swing. So please note my swing and let me know if you have suggestions. I know some of my publishing friends are also accomplished golfers. 

Persistence does make a difference. With every visit to the driving range I become a tad bit more consistent. My confidence builds and the possibility that I might make a decent showing on the golf course grows. My focus improves and my anticipation of the next round increases.

Life as well as publishing are studies in persistence, but I have to remind myself that persistence in either of these is only valuable when it is patient. The plan for life isn’t ours, and neither is the mission of our publishing house. Impatience only blinds us to the divine revelation in each moment. God is holding the schedule and will honor our persistence according to His plan.

Posted by: Andrea Mullins | 29 June, 2010


Sometimes you experience those moments that affirm the leading of God in your life. Fellowshipping with our authors, networking with other women in publishing, meeting with retailers, hosting author signings, discussing current and future books, introducing WorldCrafts (, attending meetings with other publishers and retailers, discussing the present and future of publishing, getting tired legs and feet, our author dinner of incredible Italian food, and hearing the stories of God’s leading in the lives of fellow believers give me many reasons to be thankful and amazed to be serving in publishing.

Gratitude is perhaps one of the most important blessings we can give to others and ourselves. So I say thank you to the CBA for all they did to make the ICRS as valuable as they could to everyone one who came. I am also grateful for the great sales reports we heard that encouraged our authors and our team. I am grateful for the support we receive from our parent company that makes it possible for us to accomplish the vision we have for New Hope Publishers. I am grateful to the New Hope Team and our sales partners who have worked incredibly hard to bring us the growth for which we have been praying expectantly.

We know that the impact of our week here is yet to be determined. Even so, we have every reason to be thankful and anticipate great things in the days ahead.

Posted by: Andrea Mullins | 28 June, 2010

A Perspective about Content by Joyce Dinkins

 I caught Joyce smiling from the backseat of the van we road to the ICRS. Joyce Dinkins is managing editor for New Hope Publishers. She is gracious and godly, loving and caring. She cares about people and about every detail of our publishing business. She has marketing and editing experience in newspapers, magazines, non-fiction and fiction, having worked for some of the most well know newspapers in our nation, as well as nearly every Christian publisher. But my delight is in her spontaneous praise of God through word and song. Her perspective on content is like a song of praise to God. Enjoy and be refreshed!

We’ve seen the dangerous, provocative, spontaneous, avant garde, historical, and monumental on our road trip:

  • We escaped a high-speed crash! (Swerving, our quick-thinking marketing director—and racecar sports fan—avoided a high-speed collision with a van, right outside St. Louis.) Kudos to Jonathan Howe. Thank You, Lord!
  • We spied a new city garden lush with lettuce, etc. growing right outside our hotel door—as did one plump bunny on its way to dine city style, as we headed out to do the same.
  • We connected with JMS Sales’ Jim Walthour, Nancy Harris, and Kathy Fiorini—a formidable triad. (They sighted us dining at a sidewalk cafe along the cobblestone riverfront, near the Wax Museum. Editor Randy Bishop, Publicity Specialist Ashley Stephens, Publisher Andrea Mullins, Jonathan, and I
  • We tweeted New Hope author Daniel Darling, skipped dessert, and caught up with him, his wife, and children, inside the Westward Expansion Museum.
  • We explored the museum bookstore, the displays, and discussed how differing cultures clash; the need for justice and for reconciliation dialogue, as well as God’s sure judgment of each soul.
  • We twisted to snap shots of the arch monument’s dizzying, dazzling angles.

I sense this word as a chord in these experiences: perspective.

  • The other driver’s perspective was off—a fraction of speed, distance, and control—and God showed us how to compensate.
  • Our industry relationships—that extend our mission—deserve attention and care, in order for us to see growth.
  • Noticing, valuing, and connecting to our authors’ lives and what they care about is an aspect of our service to God, the body of Christ, and His redemptive plan.
  • There is beauty in diverse cultures, worthy of our investigation and consideration, yet only one way to God, open to all individuals as we share the Good News.

Publishing’s seemingly disconnected moments, too, yield perspective:

  • New Hope Publishers can compete without collision; we keep our focus while remaining aware of others’.
  • Shifting content formats and media that best deliver His content to consumer appetites are at our doorstep, and we and our readers are preparing to access them.
  • Relationships, relationships, and relationships deserve our time.
  • Acquiring dynamic authors means listening to God, caring about individuals’ lives, families, messages, and ministries. Authors deserve our understanding, encouragement, and attentiveness.
  • The diverse experiences of the New Hope team cross culture, age, gender, spiritual gifts, and personal and professional experience.
  • Our efforts, content, and we reflect our mission: to help Christian believers understand and be radically involved in the mission of God. Our nonfiction and fiction books’ messages are overarching and monumental because of Him.

Joyce Dinkins, New Hope Publishers Managing Editor

Posted by: Andrea Mullins | 27 June, 2010

The Perk of All Perks by Randy Bishop

A former international student minister, editor at CTI, and missionary to China, Randy Bishop is now an editor for New Hope Publishers. He brings joy and passion to our team. He is thoughtful and inquisitive, a lover of Christ, and an exceptionally delightful human being in every way. I have asked Randy to introduce himself to you. I think you’ll discover he is a person you want to know.

Randy Bishop and the BearI’m an editor, which means my job has a lot of perks. I’ll save the others—they mostly revolve around fascinating authors and co-workers and good food—for another blog post, so I can concentrate on the big one. The perk of all perks. I get to read pretty much all day every day and get paid for it. For a bibliophile this is heavenly. I mean I spent my tweens and teens in a bean bag chair in a corner of my room either covered in the ink of USA Today or engrossed for hours on end in Dostoevsky. (I’ll pause while some readers recover from mental whiplash here).

In a previous job, perk numero uno—that is reading all the time—meant I could at least skim the daily paper to begin my work day. After all, when you’re a Christian magazine editor who knows what interesting connections can be found in the sports page or the comics page or the politics page. I mean maybe the guy who hit a home run last night is a sold-out Christ follower? I think somebody might want to know that and read about it. Or B. C., the comic strip, that guy’s a believer (cartoonist Johnny Hart). Well, the politics reference—it’s harder to tell who’s a Christian and even fewer people care, but still…

Now at New Hope I get to read books, great books. Interesting books. Encouraging books. Challenging books. Books that I would be interested in even if I weren’t paid.  And I’m often the first one to read these books, which is even cooler. I love the diversity of our list—I’ve worked on books about the persecuted church in China (Red Ink, coming in October 2010); about family worship (Setting Up Stones); about doing business for God’s sake (The Missional Entrepreneur); about sharing Christ with internationals (Faces in the Crowd); about prayer (Live a Praying Life); and about great women of the Bible (Women of the Covenant). And the authors have given me grace to shape their work, and I hope make it more accessible to the reader. What a responsibility and a privilege!

If that weren’t enough, there’s one more thing: my favorite author, the One whose work—those glistening treasures of verses that illuminate any surrounding text—appears in all our books. The perfect Author/Editor whose hand guides all our authors and editors. Yes, I get to wrestle with the Word hours a day, to think about it, and be changed by it. Amazing— I sit in front of my computer most every weekday and the Holy Spirit is transforming me by His Word and through the words of others.  And this is how I support my wife and kids. Wow!

Makes you want to change careers doesn’t it? Well, while I’m not giving up my job any time soon, dear reader, I do hope you’ll pick up one of our books and settle in for some one-on-one time with the Holy Spirit.

                “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path” (Psalm 119:105).

Posted by: Andrea Mullins | 27 June, 2010

New Hope Publishers has Arrived in St. Louis

 We have arrived in the beautiful city of St. Louis.  In case you don’t know who “we” are, let me introduce four of the New Hope Publishers’ staff. Jonathan Howe is marketing manager. Randy Bishop is one of our fine editors, serving both New Hope and WorldCrafts. Ashley Stephens is publicity manager for New Hope and marketing manager for WorldCrafts. Joyce Dinkins is managing editor. I’m behind the camera.

We have already discovered many great facts about St. Louis. For instance, St. Louis is the home of iced tea and ice cream cones, both invented at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904.  The first ice cream cone happened when an ice cream vendor ran out of cups and asked a waffle vendor to help by rolling up waffles to hold ice cream.

The Gateway ArchSt. Louis is also called “The Gateway to the West” and the first successful parachute jump to be made from a moving airplane was made by Captain Berry at St. Louis in 1912.

We arrived in St. Louis 10 hours after leaving Birmingham. We checked into our hotel and found food 

near the river on our way to the Gateway Arch where we met New Hope author Dan Darling and his family, and then toured the museum.

As you can see, Randy was nearly eaten by a bear while we were there. Since we can’t do without his excellent skills, we were glad to see him escape the bear’s advance!

The New Hope team is here for business, but it was nice to have a few hours of fun yesterday. Every team needs time to enjoy each other away from the stress of the deadlines, sales objectives, and ongoing challenges that come with any job.  

Today was a full day as we put our New Hope and WorldCrafts booths together. Exhibit halls are never air conditioned during the set up, so we did lots of sweating and drank lots of water. Our booths are ready, look great, and we anticipate a terrific week at the ICRS. We are especially grateful for the help of our sales team, JMS Sales. You’ll probably see photos of Jim, Cathy, and Nancy this week, the most wonderful sales partners a publisher could have.

Meanwhile, please pray for New Hope authors, the impact of their messages, and retailers who sell their books. Please pray for artisans represented by the beautiful handmade crafts sold through WorldCrafts. These are the reasons New Hope and WorldCrafts are here in St. Louis.

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Are We There Yet?


We are already hungry. We have a list of sites to see, places to go, and things to eat.

So what book has made the greatest impact in your life?
Jonathan-Grudem’s Systematic Theology
Randy-Desiring God
Ashley-Crazy Love
Joyce-There Was Once a Slave
Andrea-The Cost of Discipleship

What is you favorite hymn?
Jonathan-It Is Well Wth My Soul
Randy-Amazing Love
Joyce-Victory in Jesus
Ashley-(she went to sleep and I can’t remember)

I hope your day is as delightful as ours!

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Posted by: Andrea Mullins | 25 June, 2010

Road Trip!


What kind of publisher hits the road in a van with her team? Only one who thinks her team is the best in the world!

We have been planning and implementing for months, getting ready to let God do what only He can do. Now we have our Starbucks and our car snacks and our ipods and books on tape. We each have our chosen seat and stuff we can’t live without. Randy has found us a place to eat. Jonathan is driving. Ashley is hangin’. Joyce is reading. And I am blogging.

The sun is shining. The car games are beginning.

Are we there yet?

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Posted by: Andrea Mullins | 23 June, 2010

Fair Trade at the ICRS

WorldCrafts will be at the ICRS! The beautiful handmade crafts of WorldCrafts represent artisans from around the work who live in poverty but are seeking a better life. Many of these artisans are being freed from exploitation because they have a income provided through the sale of the crafts they make.

Mary was raised in an orphanage in India. When the time came for her to leave the orphanage, a man approached her and offered to marry her, which is not uncommon. After signing some paperwork that she thought legalized their marriage, her new “husband” took her to a brothel and left her. She eventually escaped and then tried to commit suicide multiple times. In her final attempt she ate glass and lay down in the street to die. And that’s when her life began to change. A worker from Rahab’s Rope Women’s Center found her and brought her to the shelter. There she received safe, loving care and spiritual, educational, and vocational training. Now in her late 20s, Mary enjoys a new life making handcrafted gifts in the nurturing environment of Rahab’s Rope.

WorldCrafts and our partners are building fair trade companies that provide sustainable income and eternal hope to impoverished artisans around the world. Artisans are assured a fair wage, acceptable working conditions, and an opportunity to bring their products to market.

We are pleased to introduce WorldCrafts to retailers for the first time at the ICRS.  This is an opportunity to purchase gifts that are transforming lives, families, communities, and whole societies.

Turquoise Drop Jewelry SetNeesha ToteKi'che Christmas Ball

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